Vision & Mission

Photo| Laura Watilo BlakeMulajji Village| Uganda 2012


Inspiring the world to carefully value and protect our water as a basic necessity of life.



Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc.™ is a not-for-profit organization that inspires individuals to recognize and solve our water issues through creative education, events, and providing safe water access to people in need.


Our educational outreach extends to classrooms and educators via our Wavemaker Program for schools, World Water Day celebrations and speaking engagements in the community. DLDT creatively engages the community through private documentary screenings, documentary development, and a traveling gallery show. Our events include the annual Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc.™ Gala, the annual 4 Miles 4 Water  experience, and various events spread throughout the community. DLDT also works in east Africa where we design sustainable safe water projects for schools, fund the projects, implement them, complete followup reporting and connect domestic people (especially Wavemaker Program students) to the projects through fundraising efforts, video and photography and penpal opportunities.


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