Through education and art, Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. ™ is inspiring people everywhere to learn more and get involved in making a difference. We have teamed up with LESS Productions, Inc. and elBee Studio to bring you images through photography and film since 2010.


Since 2010, Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. ™ has been working with LESS Productions, Inc. to bring you fun moving pictures. In 2010, we produced our first 20 minute video about ‘bottled versus tap water’ called Waking Up to Water. This video is free via LESS Productions, Inc.’s Youtube Channel and is distributed to each Wavemaker Program classroom we visit.

In 2011, our founder embarked on the first Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. ™ journey to Africa with LESS Productions, Inc., elBee Studio and a Cleveland, Ohio, school teacher who was born in Uganda. The team started what would be a two and a half year journey to complete two trips to east Africa and filming on the ground in Northeast Ohio to make the final short documentary, Making Waves.

The team created a trailer, a sponsorship and Wavemaker Program piece and a 42 minute story before the final vision and production could be completed for release in 2014. We have submitted the short, 26 minute documentary to the Cleveland International Film Festival and hope to this story with the film and TV community starting March 2014. Making Waves will be used to inspire folks to get involved in making a difference via the DLDT Wavemaker Program, private documentary screenings and sponsored engagements.

Please enjoy the Making Waves trailer and contact us if you’d like to learn more about hosting a private documentary screening at

We are honored that the 42 minute story created in 2012 was screened at the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival October 2013 and received the “Service Above Self Award” from the Chagrin Falls Rotary Club.



Laura Watilo Blake, president of elBee Studio, has donated much of her time and skills to capturing and sharing images of our work both locally and abroad since 2010. Blake has also been on the production crew for DLDT’s 2014 short documentary, Making Waves, which involved two intense trips to the east African countries of: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Kenya with DLDT’s founder.

Blake’s work can be viewed and purchased online via her online gallery; Blake donates half of the proceeds to benefit our work.

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Photo by Laura Watilo Blake

Photo by Laura Watilo Blake


As we travel abroad to work on safe water projects and work in schools and on the beaches in the Great Lakes region, we upload small video clips for you to learn, enjoy and share. Consider subscribing to our channel today and help spread our water story.

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Here is a short commercial we made about 4 Miles 4 Water event via Youtube: