Press and Testimonials

Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. ™ reaches out to communities in many ways. We are honored to recieve wonderful exposure opportunities through our partner media outlets to share our story and raise awareness about our work.

Recent Coverage:

Executive Director, Erin Huber featured in “Message in a Bottle” article Smart Business Cleveland Magazine February 2014

4 Miles 4 Water Announcement Coverage on FOX 8 News November 16th, 2014

QUEST Platform (Ideastream/PBS) August 1, 2013  Lake Erie Plastics article by DLDT’s executive director

NPR/Ideastream Sound of Ideas show July 2013 with DLDT’s executive director  on Lake Erie’s health


106.5FM The Lake has been providing beach cleanup PSAs and staff at beach cleanups since 2011.


Coverage Archives:

Ideastream/90.3WCPN/NPR Lake Erie Health and DLDT’s executive director Erin Huber July 10th, 2013

Circle of Blue ACTION FIGURE Feature December 2012

Scene Magazine September 2012: Washed Up

News Channel 5 2012

Forbes Magazine mention of our Mulajji Village, Uganda project via interview with DLDT sponsor BNE Water Foundation

Freshwater Cleveland May 23, 2012 (beach article)

Freshwater Cleveland May 2012 (Uganda article)

YELP! Cleveland newsletter to over 40,000 readers 4/18/2012

Cleveland Magazine January 2012 Most Interesting Person, Erin Huber, executive director of DLDT

The Plain Dealer follows up with Director of DLDT 2011

February 2011 Cleveland Business Connect Magazine

Green City Blue Lake Article 3.8.2011


Testimonials: Wavemaker Program for Schools

Jennifer Grieser, Senior Natural Resource Manager- Cleveland Metroparks

From the 2012 summer science institute after watching the DLDT 26 minute “Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda” short film clip:

Teacher perspective:

In response to ‘what did your students learn that surpassed your expectations?’ “That the global water crisis is real and they [students] are the ones who have to take what the learned and share it.”

Student perspective:

In response to ‘what did you learn that will make a difference in what you do in school next year?’ “I learned that there is a global water crisis that needs to be addressed.”

From fall overnight event after hearing Erin Huber’s presentation:

Undergraduate perspective: “She [Erin] is my hero. I want to be like her when I grow up.”


April 2011, “We in Cleveland are so fortunate to be living next to an abundant source of freshwater. Over 900 million people in the world do not have access to freshwater. DrinkLocalDrinkTap is educating people to appreciate our wealth of water and to take action to help those around the world who struggle daily to obtain water.”  Testimonial from: Lee P. DeAngelis Director, Support Services-Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association



Saul Kliorys of Great Lakes Brewing Company said via email, “Really nice event the other night.  I felt transported to a different world.  Good on ya to you and your team.” Post 2012 Gallery Show, Dine, Dance, Drum, and Donate to benefit Uganda.