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Carbon Impact of one Single-use Plastic Bottle

Sometimes we don’t think about how what we put into our bodies and how it affects the world around us and our near and far future. An average household drinking bottled water (800 bottles per year) creates 350lbs. of CO2 or drives 368 miles with a car. And that’s JUST for bottled water. (Source) ‘The … Continued

Are We on the Verge of a Plastic Revolution?

Written by: Rachel Onusko Did you know? Only about 9% percent of plastic is actually recycled, with the overwhelming majority being wasted (Source). Since the mass production of plastic began around 1950, more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been created. Most of this plastic is used to produce disposable products which ultimately become … Continued

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The Verdict on Bottled Water – Official Statement

The growth and popularity of bottled water can be largely attributed to aggressive and relentless marketing. Quoted in the article Bottled Water is the Marketing Trick of the Century, Richard Wilk, professor of anthropology at Indiana University said: Bottled water is the most revealing substance for showing us how the global capitalist market works today. … Continued

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Tap Water and the Topics Missed by the Drink Up Campaign

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama launched a new campaign to encourage Americans to drink more water. The campaign, “Drink Up,” is being advertised as “less a public health campaign than a campaign to encourage drinking water.” While the new effort to increase water consumption sounds like a good idea, it has come under considerable … Continued

Water Resources, Education, and Providing for Those in Need

An article in Lake Erie Living magazine features “Water Warrior” Erin Huber, founder and executive director of non-profit Drink Local. Drink Tap © (DLDT). The article discusses Huber’s goal to teach Clevelanders to protect our water resources and her determination to provide water to a school in Uganda. One of the easiest ways to protect … Continued

Johnny Mango’s 20% Day in Ohio City

DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE: fundraiser-flyer-feb4 Enjoy a meal with friends or order lunch for the office at Johnny Mango’s in Ohio City on Monday, February 4th 11am-11pm and 20% of your bill will be donated to DLDT!   Turn in your flyer when you settle your bill and 20% will be donated to support our work at … Continued