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October Foodprint – Halloween Vegan Candy List

Have you ever tried vegan candy? We are pretty sure you have! With Halloween around the corner, handing out vegan candy to trick-or-treaters is never a wrong way to go, and you’re continuing to do your part in reducing your water #FOODPRINT. We’ve compiled a list of vegan candy to help guide you, but remember … Continued

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Back to School

Every year kids use billions of plastic baggies, bottles, single wrapped processed food items and it all goes to a landfill. If you’ve been watching recent movements, most countries, including Canada no longer take our waste or recycling. We have to BUY LESS to leave a planet worth living in for our children. Here is … Continued

It’s time to talk openly about sanitation

Today is World Toilet Day, “a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to a toilet.” This year marks the second time that that United Nations has recognized this event. Now, some may find it odd that the world’s supranational governing body would devote an entire day to the symbol of … Continued