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The Diseased Staple of Africa

Meet the Jerrycan. Imagine saving up your shillings (maybe $2USD) to purchase a dirty, used plastic container to carry the water for your family. For the orphans at St. Bonaventure school in Mullajji Village, this is the water for themselves to bath in, brush their teeth, wash their hands, cook, clean, and complete other water … Continued

Father Gerald and HIS golden soul.

Father Gerald doesn’t sleep- because he’s got a BIG job to do and a big heart. He cares for the vulnerable; a trait that reminds me of my own father. His love is so special. If I had to give him a job title, it would be “Regional Social-worker Aids Rescue-research-education-stigma distinguishing,  Assistant parish priest (Mulajji Village, … Continued

Freddie is one of many.

See this photo and more at:     Photo by|Erin Huber Photo Reflection Blog by| Erin Huber, Director of Drink Local. Drink Tap.   Freddie IS the reason we need to share LOVE. I met this handsome young man on my last day in Mulajji and he made me smile and cry all at once.  Mama … Continued

Irene and SHARING.

Nakamatte Irene is tough and has a heart of gold, like most African women I have come to know. See this photo and more at:     Photo by|Laura Watilo Blake Photo Reflection Blog by| Erin Huber, Director of Drink Local. Drink Tap.   Irene has done whatever it takes in her 30 some-odd years on this … Continued

Gonzaga. My brother.

If there were a contest for the greatest smile, attitude and laugh on the planet- I would bet all the cows, elephants, money, and matoke in the world that my brother Gonzaga would win. Tom, Laura and I have laughed so many times about recording and downloading Gonzaga’s laugh as our phone ringer. Just sitting at … Continued

Father Joseph (the youngest priest)

   Photo by Elbee Studio| Laura Blake    Reflection by Erin Huber| Director  Drink Local Drink Tap                                                 FATHER JOSEPH reminds me of an intelligent child. He has every quality of someone you … Continued


Patricia. As I look back at some writing I did in my personal journal pre- Africa, I found myself writing about being in love with these children and people of Africa before we ever met. I wondered if it was, in fact possible, to love someone you have never met? Well, it is. Patricia is … Continued

Joseph: The kid in the yellow shirt

  PHOTO Reflections (Photo above by Laura Watilo Blake @elbeestudio)   Joseph Ssekyanzi didn’t have a name until a few weeks ago after I tracked it down via emails for weeks across the globe to the small village of Mulajji, Uganda. This place is as rural as it gets, and Joseph’s hut is deep in the … Continued