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Gratitude for our Associate Board

As you read this, over a dozen volunteers serve on Drink Local Drink Tap’s Associate Board. Founded in May of 2018 and led by board member Michael Ruttinger, they have developed into a truly wonderful team. Since then, jobs have changed, babies have come, homes have been bought and wedding celebrations had, and they’ve stayed … Continued

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World Toilet Day – Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change

Fact: 4.2 Billion people lack safe sanitation November 19th is World Toilet Day. A day started by the United Nations to raise awareness about global sanitation and hygiene issues. This year, we are exploring sustainable sanitation and climate change. How do they interact? How can toilets help fight climate change? To improve this crisis, Drink … Continued

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Greater Cleveland Water Equity Partners

Drink Local Drink Tap has been proud to serve with the Greater Cleveland Water Equity Partners (GCWEP) for the past 4+ years since its inception. As part of the U. S. Water Alliance’s city-focused water equity improvement efforts, Cleveland participated with six other US cities for two years in exploring water equity issues. Through this … Continued

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Announcement: Earth Hero and Drink Local Drink Tap Team Up!

Drink Local Drink Tap and Earth Hero have teamed up to make #Waves4Change! As of October 2020, Drink Local Drink Tap is proud to announce our official Affiliate relationship with Earth Hero! Earth Hero is ‘an eco-friendly online marketplace, EarthHero has done the work so you don’t have to. You can pick from products that are … Continued

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Week 3: 2020 Sustainability Challenge- Understanding What You Can Recycle

Guest Post By Kristen Vidmar, DLDT Associate Board Member Why Take This Challenge? Do you often find recycling confusing? You are not the only one! It is difficult to know what is accepted or not because the accepted materials (plastics, glass, cardboard, metals, etc.) that can be recycled are based on a couple of different … Continued

Eat at MELT on Wednesdays in March!

Eat and drink at MELT this month on any Wednesday and 20% goes to Drink Local Drink Tap! You can show your server this PDF attachment on your phone or print it. Thank you for your support! Fun fact about Melt– They #SKIPTHESTRAW ! MELT 20% CHARITY FLYER

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How to Approach Your Local Retailer about Plastic Bags

For those of you who were able to come to the December 4th, 2018 Ideastream/ League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland’s panel discussion on Plastics and Lake Erie, thank you. As promised we want to help you approach your local retailers with the idea of supporting the use of reusable bags. Each year, 22 … Continued

Cape Town Drought: How We Can Help

Written by: Clara Rose, Intern Today, Cape Town, South Africa is in the midst of its worst drought in 30 years (Source). As climate change worsens, so do natural disasters. Unfortunately, droughts as significant as Cape Town’s are expected to occur more frequently in the future. In addition, the people most vulnerable to climate change … Continued

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Wading with Water Bottle Filters

It’s no secret that here at Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. that we believe properly managed tap water beats bottled water hands down. So, for those of you out there who might still be drinking bottled water, we’ve done a little research on popular portable water filters as a way to help kick the bottled … Continued