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Welcome to our Wavemaker Resource Center!

Our resource center is filled with supportive materials for educators and students. Whether you are a first timer to the Wavemaker Program, have chosen to use the curriculum, or are looking to supplement your own program, we think these will be helpful.

Be the Drop

Learn about our work in a 3-minute video to inspire you to take action for clean water – Be the Drop!

DLDT Documentaries

Making Waves: From Cleveland to Uganda (2013)

A 26-minute documentary about our work in Uganda, building our first water project and the stark difference in water access between Cleveland and rural Uganda.

The Last Drop (2020)

A 15-minute story from the front lines of climate change and the water crisis in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

Waking up to Water

A 20-minute documentary about tap water and bottled water. (2010)

A Walk for Water

On your mobile device, experience a 360 video walking for water with Nabwisa Gift in Uganda.

Letter to Educators

Wavemaker Supportive Reading List

Wavemaker Important Dates

Make Waves 4 Change Teaching Guide