Welcome To Making Waves In Your Classroom!

Our Wavemaker Curriculum has flexible lesson plans, with many adapted for remote learning. They connect with NGSS standards and introduce the ideas of water pollution and access, water equity, climate change, service learning and Sustainable Development Goals.  Students will be challenged to think critically about local and global issues and be empowered to become leaders themselves.

Our Wavemaker Curriculum includes three distinct units. All lesson plans can be taught individually or as complete units. Welcome to Making Waves!

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Water Footprint Unit

This unit teaches students that we all have environmental and water footprints, and it is up to us to take responsibility for their impact.


Clean Water for All Unit

This unit focuses on students gaining an understanding about water as a human right and issues we face in achieving clean water for all.

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Climate Change and Water Unit

This unit focuses on students gaining an understanding of the important connections between water and climate change.

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See our Wavemaker Letter to get helpful educator information.

Follow our Standards Matrix to track which standards are met within each lesson.