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Hello DLDT supporters!
Off to Africa we go (July 5th, 2011-August 7th, 2011) to film water in places that are not as rich as we are in America, especially in Northeast Ohio.
While we are away we will be:

1. Meeting the 700 students at St. Charles orphan school
2. Walking to complete “water chores” with the children DAILY
3. Organizing the final water committee with the school and community of 2,500 families who will directly benefit from the new water source
4. Meeting with our in-kind local Ugandan project manager and school headmaster to work out last technical plans
5. Teaching some classes with St Charles students, taking school portraits, and staying on school grounds to live as the students live

A full length documentary Waking the World up to Water (connecting CLE Students to St Charles Students)
A sustainable water source which will serve 2,500 families and 700 students at the orphan school

WE WILL BE continuing to fund raise through our website and NewsNet5 story.
In Fact, News 5 will be seeing us off from the airport the morning July 5th-so keep your eyes open for their story!

On our crew:
Erin Huber, Director of Drink Local. Drink Tap.
“Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda” Project Manager
(in Africa July 5-August 7th)- First 2 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania filming water issues and visiting the 2nd largest slum in the WORLD next to Mumbai, India
Providing over $5,000 of in-kind work

Laura Blake, President of Elbee Studio
Photography Manager for Drink Local. Drink Tap.
(in Africa July 5-August 7th)-First 2 weeks with Erin
Providing over $5000 of in-kind work

Teddy Mwonyonyi, CMSD (CLE) School Teacher at Stokes Academy
Translator and African Logistics Manager
(in Uganda July 4-August 7th)

Tom Kondilas, President of LESS Productions
Filming Manager for Drink Local. Drink Tap.
(In Uganda July 18th-August 7th)
Providing over $10,000 of in-kind work

Once we return, we are looking for a venue the evening of September 9th (save the date) to share our story and continue raising funds so we can break ground on the WATER SOURCE BY NOVEMBER 2011.

We are thankful for your continued support and are asking you engage your families, workplaces, community groups and schools in becoming WAVEMAKERS with us.
Erin will be scheduling speaking engagements upon our return to INVOLVE students and community groups in fundraising. Please email if your group/classroom/business is interested in supporting our work and our Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda project.

Classrooms and schools who get involved in WAVEMAKING by October 2011 will be invited to participate in World Water Day Events March of 2012 in Cleveland.

Water is LIFE and connects us all. Drink Local. Drink Tap. AND GIVE BACK.
Proudly Made of 72.8% Cleveland TAP,
Erin D. Huber, Program Director
The IAP (501c3): Home of Drink Local. Drink Tap.