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Name changes but the mission stays the same

While we’ve been raising funds for safe drinking water at the St. Charles School in Mulajje, Uganda, they’ve been going through a growth spurt. The school, which once included primary through high school, split into two schools on July 15. The school for the upper grade levels kept the name St. Charles, while the primary school is now called St. Bonaventure. Both buildings are located in the same compound in the rural village of Mulajje.

“We’re growing,” says Father Matthias Jjaggo, the parish priest, who oversees education at the two Catholic schools.

More people means a greater need for access to clean, safe water for the students. We have seen school children drink dirty water because they don’t have fresh water when they get thirsty.

Our purpose in Uganda has been to identify the key players in coordinating the construction of a dedicated water source for the school.

Thanks to Affinity Consultants for making it possible to have a site visit, which was conducted by the engineer consultant, who is hydrologist; the minister of water for Luweero; and our project manager, who works for the regional planning office. The team spent six hours taking ion readings around the compound looking for the most reliable source of water. The report should be issued in a few days. We will let you know when get it.

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