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Africa Photo Gallery

Laura (also known as Namanda) performs with the kids from St. Charles School (now called St. Bonaventure) during a big celebration on Friday, July 29. People from the community seemed to appreciate the effort. They would come up during the performance and drop to their knees and present and offering of candy or money to Laura.

Our last night in Mulajje, a few of the girls joined us in front of the parish house to do some drawing with the colored pencils that Tom Kondilas gave them.

One of the girls at the boarding school drew this picture of Laura dancing. Namanda is Laura’s clan name, as given by Father Joseph on our first day.

This was a happy moment. A few minutes later, Patricia and the girls had to go back to their dorm to go to bed. Since it was our last night, we all cried.

Teddy Mwonyonyi and Tom Kondilas talk to the community about the water project. At the time this celebration was taking place, Erin was meeting with the engineer who performed a site visit. The site visit is necessary to determine where a water source will be found.


Equipment used for testing the presence of water on the grounds of the St. Charles School in Mulajje, Uganda.