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Parting Thoughts

Africa is crazy. So much work to be done. Borrowed the money from Affinity Consultants, Inc. for the engineer to bring his equiptment out during the trip. After being here for weeks, we’ve realized how hard it is to communicate and organize anything in Africa.


We have a few options for bringing water to St. Charles / St. Bonaventure, but there are some issues that came up and creative design must emerge  to bring the closest and cleanest access possible for the kids and community. Unfortunately electric here is so spotty, so were unable to get much done electronically except update the blog with help from our partners at Great Lakes Design Collaborative, Elbee Studio and News Channel 5.


If you’d like updates go to our Drink Local. Drink Tap. YOUTUBE channel, website, and


So much to share, it’s incredible. We left the kids Monday and headed to the Nile and Lake Victoria. We already got a phone call from folks at the school on how much we are missed. Some of the orphaned girls broke into major tears and would not let go of Laura Tom and I Sunday night, it was sad.


We have seen some of the worst pollution on the planet in Kibera Nairobi, access issues and corruption, sickenss and poverty. There’s a lot to do!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continued support. Sharing our water richness is critical to the survival, quality of life, and improvement of education for these children and the village.


The fire has been re-lit within us and we hope to share our passion with you during our September 9 fundraiser. Details to come. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date.


–Erin Huber, director of Drink Local. Drink Tap.