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September 9th, Back from Africa Movie Trailer, Photo-sharing night and more!

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Photo by: Laura Watilo-Blake at Elbee Studio

Kibera Slum, Kenya- July 2011

Join us September 9th  after returning home from 30 days in a place where people have never flushed a toilet, seen a lake, had a hot shower, or even know what a “tap” is.  
Access to safe drinking water is critical for the survival of our human family, yet 1.1 billion people go without. That’s a big number I cannot comprehend-even after all those years of college.  


I know I’m not the only one who is unable to grasp that atrocious number, so we scaled it down and studied global water access issues locally, in the village of Mullajji, Uganda. We are telling the story St. Bonaventure/St. Charles orphan school through film, pictures, and a book to bring this big water issue down to the individual level.


To learn more, join us September 9th for our recap of filming, walking for water with the children, seeing environmental devastation, and a experiencing a culture so rich-they’d all be millionaires if we put a pricetag on it.
We can also answer questions about Matoke, Jerrycons, Boda-bodas, and the site visit that was completed in Mullajji during our stay (thanks to Affinity Consultants, Inc. in Ohio for lending emergency support.)


Most importantly, September 9th will unveil what needs to occur in the coming months to get these children access to safe water and tell their story as soon as possible.
Loving Water-rich Cleveland,
Erin Huber, Director of DLDT
LOCATION: Battery Park Wine Bar  WEBSITE       TIME: 5:30-7:30 (speaking 6-6:30) Friday September 9th
* Donations accepted at door upon entry or exit and silent auction
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