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THANK YOU Letter from NCGC October 2011

Thank you for speaking at the neighborhood centers
“Lee DeAngelis”
Date: Wed, Oct 12, 2011 12:49 pm


On behalf of the Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association and the five neighborhood centers where you spoke, thank you for your excellent presentation at the centers about DrinkLocalDrinkTap’s work to bring freshwater to the St. Bonaventure/St. Charles School in Uganda. More importantly you helped educate our children at the centers about what children in Uganda need to do every day to have water and how their use of water is similar to ours, but also very different because of the amount and quality of water they have. I was impressed with the way you engaged the children and I was equally impressed with our children’s interest in your presentation and the questions they had. Through our Wonderful World of Water program, we wanted to include a focus on freshwater around the world. Your presentation was just about the best way to do that.

I will follow-up with the five centers asking them to provide us with names of teachers, principals and other contacts at the schools they serve. I will forward those contacts and schools to you. Hopefully that will lead to presentations at the schools so the DrinkLocalDrinkTap group can achieve its goal of having 500 school children participate in your walk for water in Cleveland on World Water Day, March 22, 2012. Ideally, some of our children will be able to participate in that walk as a result of their school being involved.

I will also promise that the five centers will be asked to support World Water Day 2012 and your project in some way. Through our Youth Education for Sustainability program, we are doing lessons around the themes of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 through the after school and summer programs at the five centers. Clean Water is our theme for March, 2012.

Once again, we appreciate your contribution to enhancing the education of our children at the neighborhood centers.


Lee P. DeAngelis

Director, Support Services

Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association

3311 Perkins Ave., Suite 200

Cleveland, OH     44114

Telephone             (216) 298-4440       x16