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Our Responsibility

Our responsibility, to each other

It’s been a record year for DLDT in Uganda. We’ve made three trips, celebrated our 4 year mark on our first borehole at St. Bonaventure Primary School, built 6 projects, started funding, installing and monitoring bio-sand filters in the Katanga slum, have trained over 150 people on water committee leadership and WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) and last, but not least, opened our office in the village (and our World Headquarters in the US).  What a year so far! 

I’m writing to you to say, thank you.

Every time I’m in the field, I think of the generosity of all of you. Raising funds to sustainably fill gaps that exist in this world doesn’t happen alone, and in fact, takes patience, persistence, energy and hope. We all work every hard at our jobs everyday and have other responsibilities in our own lives, but when you are surrounded by people (some we at DLDT will never meet) who give something significant to them (a donation, time) to help others who are suffering, it truly brightens the world. I am lucky, I get to see deeper and deeper into this new emerging light (and hope) every time I go to the village or to the homes in the slums of Uganda. What you have done is exceptional, life-changing and life-giving.

‘We have a responsibility to care for the environment, our water and each other, especially when those things don’t have a voice. When you help bring water to people suffering, you give them a voice.’


When a little girl in a rural village far away in Uganda gets safe water at her school through a DLDT project, it changes everything. No more worrying of early motherhood because of rape during her walk for water. No more worry that when she becomes a woman she can’t wash herself at school and therefore, drops out. No more sickness, she can stay in school, stay hydrated and stay healthy. And, some part of gender inequality fades away since she won’t have to walk to collect water anymore during her school day while the boys learn.  She is empowered because YOU made the choice to open your eyes, open your heart and get connected to the responsibility we have to invest in each other.

If you ran at 4 Miles 4 Water, came to our Annual Splash Party, held a fundraiser at your school or in your community, made a donation, spoke with others on behalf of DLDT or shared our documentary, you made our work this year in Uganda possible.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Erin