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Same Earth, Same Water Sources – How the new administration affects our water.

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Generally speaking, Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. does not take a political stance on issues. Keeping with that tradition, we are not writing this to sway political support. However, due to recent actions being taken, we are compelled to shed light on those that threaten our water and education about water in the U.S. and around the world. Below are links to articles you may find interesting if you feel that protecting our water and our environment is a priority and not an option.

Oil spill in waterway. Source:



We are concerned and think you should be too.


How you can help:

  1. Please contact your elected representative and tell him/her how you feel about the actions being taken by the new administration.
  2. Visit the Countable website and download the app to be notified about proposed legislation relating to topics you have interest in.
  3. Talk to friends and family about the seriousness of these actions and encourage them to take action too
  4. Follow news and reports from credible sources like the Environmental Defense Center, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Environmental Working Group

Water belongs to all of us and we all have a right to it. When one person’s access is threatened, everyone’s access is threatened.

Thank you!