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Protecting Our Local Water – Nifty Water-Related Projects in Greater Cleveland

As passionate as we are about bringing safe water to the people of Uganda, we are equally as passionate about protecting the water in our own backyard here in Cleveland. Below is a list of amazing water-related projects happening around Greater Cleveland that you should check out!


  • Cleveland Tree Plan
    • In 2015, The City of Cleveland, Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s Thriving Communities Institute, LAND Studio, Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress created the Cleveland Tree Plan. Trees and greenspace are an important part of absorbing stormwater runoff. The average tree can store close to 100 gallons of water! (source)
  • Public Square & NEORSD
    • The recently-remodeled public square is a great example of green infrastructure. Stormwater is collected in multiple places around the square to be used to water trees, plants, and grass on site. 300 million gallons of water will be captured each year that would otherwise flow into the sewers. (source)



  • Painted Rain Barrel Project
    • Linda Zolten Wood is an artist and the founder of the project. She offers workshops to decorate your own rain barrel or you can order a custom made one!
Workshop at Waterloo Arts - Winter Creativity
Workshop at Waterloo Arts – Winter Creativity
  • Habitat for Hard Places
    • With a grant from Sustain Our Great Lakes and ArcelorMittal, these small habitat structures have been installed along the hard-walled bulkheads at the most-industrialized parts of the ship channel in the Cuyahoga River. (source)
  • Mitchell’s Ice Cream rain harvesting sculpture
    • A rainwater harvesting system captures melted rain and snow into an outdoor cistern. The water is then pumped into the basement, filtered and reused as potable water. (source)

In the works


The above is a snapshot of water related projects happening around Cleveland. What other cool projects do you know of? Respond in the comments with the details so we can check them out!