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August Foodprint – Dairy Ice cream v. Vegan Ice Cream



Vegan. Maybe this word scares you a little bit, but even if you’re not following a vegan diet, this ice cream will surely get you interested! This August, when the days seem too hot to even take the dog for a walk, nothing tastes better than a cold, sweet treat. Even though ice cream offers a tasty break from the heat, there delicious alternatives that are better for the earth and your belly. For instance, it takes about 1000 gallons of water to make just 1 gallon of milk (Source). Coconut milk uses much less water and the trees even help to filter out carbon dioxide which reduces greenhouse gas effects (Source). This quick, easy, and more sustainable alternative is helping to lessen the water #FOODPRINT on these hot, summer, August afternoons.

Linked below are 9 “ridiculously delicious” sweet treat recipes to try before the summer ends and the sunscreen and bathing suits are  switched out for hats, scarves and mittens. Drink Local. Drink Tap. encourages you, family and friends to step out of the comfort zone to lessen the water footprint left behind this month!