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Back to School

Every year kids use billions of plastic baggies, bottles, single wrapped processed food items and it all goes to a landfill. If you’ve been watching recent movements, most countries, including Canada no longer take our waste or recycling. We have to BUY LESS to leave a planet worth living in for our children.
Here is how we can take action today to show our children we care about them and their healthy future:
1. Have a reusable water bottle that goes to school everyday. When leaving the house ask “did you brush your teeth? Do you have your water bottle? Do you have your homework?” Make a new habit.
2. Grab so reusable ziplock baggies, they come in all sizes!
3. Reusable utensils -GO Plastic-free! It’s safer your our heath, the panel’s health and our wallets!
4. The nostalgic brown paper bag is old school and wasteful to all involved. Grab a fun reusable punchbag for your kiddos and have fun with lunch!
5. Reusable napkins for kids lunches
And don’t forget, we also need to set the example, so do it for yourself at work and on the go too! You got this and once you have the above, you don’t need to buy again and again….and again and send it to landfills.
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