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Week 1: 2020 Sustainability Challenge- Go Bottled Water-Free

Why take this challenge?
Plastic is oil and other chemicals. Single-use plastics are cheap and leach into the water or the beverage it holds, especially when exposed to extreme cold or heat or sunshine. Some studies over the last few decades have linked these chemicals to cancers and bottled water has plastic IN IT. We are drinking plastic.

As for the environment and our waterways, we are swimming in this stuff. Recent studies have noted that 100% of fish now have plastic inside, we are pooping out plastics and human babies have plastic in them before they are born. Wait, what?!

How does this challenge benefit me?
You’ll have cleaner water, cleaner air, a cleaner community, better health, and save money- up to 10,000X as much by just filling up at a filter or tap. We call this winning!

What if I already do this?
Take it a step further and don’t buy any bottled beverages or take out beverage containers all week. You can do it! Save your money and the earth, just say no to all of it.

Prep this weekend for your more sustainable week-
Think ahead to bring your reusable bottle. Fill reusable bottles and put them in the fridge if you want! Keep one at work, in the car, in your gym bag. Don’t have a reusable bottle, buy stainless steel or glass from thousands of retailers. Good bottle prices range from $10-$100.

Taking this challenge? Spread the word and use the hashtag #Waves4Change so we can change the world together and inspire others to live better.


What if I reuse a single-use bottle?
Please don’t. These bottles degrade and you are drinking plastic. Get yourself the nice reusable bottle you deserve.

What if they hand out bottled water at a meeting I have?
Bring your reusable bottle everywhere you go and just don’t drink the bottled water, it’s that simple.