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Week 2: 2020 Sustainability Challenge- Reduce ‘Convenience’ Single-Use Plastics

Why Take This Challenge?

Do you really want to use ‘one and done’ stuff? Even the Keriug guy knows he created a monster with single-use coffee pods. So-called convenience items clog our waterways and well, there are just there forever now. Do you buy single bags of chips, cookies, candy, soda, drinks, or coffees? What about food to-go? If you do any of these things, this challenge is for you.

How Does This Challenge Benefit Me?

You’ll have cleaner water, cleaner air, a cleaner community, better health, and save money! Challenge accepted?

What If I Already Do This?

Take it a step further and don’t buy anything in single-use packaging! More tips to come later this year, but buying in bulk and buying fresh food are great ways to start.

Prep This Weekend For Your More Sustainable Week

Think ahead about your lunch, put away those Keriug pods, clean out that reusable coffee mug, and rethink those energy drinks. Planning ahead usually leads to eating healthier as well. Eat that banana or apple (natural packaging!), refill water or coffee in your reusable containers and bring your snacks traveling or to work in a cool long-lasting ziplock or Tupperware. Even find a funky lunch bag you love. Use real stuff and skip individually package items. We promise, you’ll save money and be healthier!

Pro Tip For Take-Out Food

It’s sometimes hard use your own carryout container, but as a first step when ordering, tell them ‘I do not need any plasticware, napkins or a plastic bag, I’ll bring my own’. Bring your own utensils and bag- VOILA!

Taking this challenge? Spread the word and use the hashtag #Waves4Change so we can change the world together and inspire others to live better.

You got this!

What if I love my Keriug?
Use the insert that can be refilled with fresh ground coffee and skip those pods.

What if they hand out packaged snacks at a meeting I have?
Bring your own, say no thanks, and eat your healthy or homemade snack. people will think you are cool, we promise.