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Week 11: #Waves4Change 2020 Sustainability Challenge – Remembering Your Reusable Bags: Set a Smartphone Location Reminder!

Why Take This Challenge?

The average US annual plastic bag usage per resident: 3651. Plastic bags are made to be single use – so where do they all go when you’re done? When they’re not piling up in landfills, you’ve seen them blocking storm drains, littering streets, stuck in trees, and filling the oceans where marine life consumes or get tangled up in them.

We’ve all done it – whether 10 steps from the car or in line with a full cart – your brain finally decides to set off the reminder “where are your reusable bags?” Sometimes 10 steps from the car feels like you’re already too committed to turn back now! But you know better…

What if we told you that YOU didn’t have to remember every time? What if that trusty little phone you carry in your pocket or purse with you all of the time could remind you? Well, it can!

Finally, a solution to forgetting your reusable bags is here: Set a location reminder on your smartphone!

How Does This Challenge Benefit Me?

For those stores you frequent the most often, set up a location reminder to go off when you arrive to the stores: BRING REUSABLE BAGS. Give your brain a break and never forget your bags again! This will likely train your brain to also think about bringing in bags to stores you do not have a reminder set up for.

I went to a new store and forgot my bags! What should I do?

It’s ok, cut yourself some slack – we have all done it! Did you know that you don’t need to bag your items in the store? After scanning, simply place your items back in the cart and bag them when you get back to your car and reusable bags! Stores like Costco and Aldi already do this. Now once back in your car, set the location reminder for next time.

Prep This Weekend for a More Sustainable Week

Here is how you set up the location-based reminders :


1. Tap the Reminders app and choose the list or item.


  1. Tap the task that needs a location-based reminder.


3. Tap the “i” in the circle that appears to the immediate right.


4. Toggle on “Remind me at a location”


5. Tap “Location” and enter a location or address for your reminder. Use a specific street address if possible.


6. Choose the location and choose whether you want to be reminded when you arrive or when you leave the area.




1. From your Home Screen, tap the Google Search Bar. You can simply type “reminder” or tap the microphone and ask to set a reminder.

*If you have not set up reminders on your phone before, follow the instructions below. If reminders have been set up on your phone, skip forward to step 2.


1a. If the reminder set up screen appears, tap “Continue”


1b. Tap “YES, I’M IN” at the bottom of the page.


2. (Once you have set up reminders, you should see the reminder screen populate.) Simply enter a title for your reminder and tap “Place”.


3. Now you can customize your location for the reminder. Tap “Set Location” and enter the desired location.


4. Once the location is selected, click on the blue checkmark to complete the set up.


Taking this challenge? Spread the word and use the hashtag #Waves4Change so we can change the world together and inspire others to live better.


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