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Providing Girls with Healthy Supplies to Make Sanitary Pads

At DLDT we have trained thousands of girls in making reusable pads that can last for years. Periods are normal, but many girls don’t have access to information or supplies to manage themselves in a healthy way. That’s why we build bathing facilities at schools for girls, provide training and supplies to make pads, and we also talk with boys about how to support their moms, sisters and classmates  (and not to make them feel shamed). Girls love it and start their own clubs afterward to keep teaching others.
Millions of girls drop out of school every year due to not being able to safely and privately manage their period.
Periods are normal and dropping out of school when a girl starts hers is not ok. This small, newer program at DLDT helps to close the gap of girls’ hygienic health so they can have an education too!
Want to help? It costs about $10 per girl for training and a full cycle of materials that will last a few years! Donate through our website today!