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FOUNT and DLDT Teaming Up to Bring Clean Water to 3,000 More Children

Since 2018, Drink Local Drink Tap and FOUNT have partnered to bring clean water to 2,272 people in Uganda. This impact of new, clean and safe water sources changes everything in a community- EVERYTHING.

This year, FOUNT and DLDT are teaming up again to bring clean water to 3,000 more children. As you donate to our CaringCrowd Campaign, every donation is matched 100% by Axel Johnson Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. FOUNT is upping the challenge. For every $30 donation you make, you will get a chance to win a Blue Finley Crossbody FOUNT bag.  This bag is NOT sold in stores or online. It is one of a kind- just like you!



Every $30 you donate brings safe water to one child for their entire primary school years in Uganda!

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*Additional funds raised will support additional menstruation materials for girls, our monitoring and training staff, additional private wash rooms for girls and teachers and other WASH related needs for these two schools (Namatala Primary School and Yoweri Museveni Primary School).