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Week 29: #Waves4Change 2020 Sustainability Challenge: Pack Lunch in Reusable Containers

Why Take This Challenge?

Packing lunch may save you money, but it’s not helping the environment to throw-away bags, packaging, and containers each day. Consider the packaging for foods specifically designed for lunches – personal-sized fruit cups, chip bags, and yogurt. Can you buy one larger package and make your own portions? Can you bring leftovers instead of a pre-packaged frozen meal? Maybe you eat lunch at home, but you’re still eating prepackaged food designed for travel.

How Does This Challenge Benefit Me?

Reusable containers from your lunch bag itself to the resealable containers you use to keep your food fresh will last for years and save you money over time. Food that’s sold in individual portions is typically more expensive per serving than larger containers. Prepping your own meals might encourage you to choose healthier options.Â

What If I Already Did This?

Can you inspire others? Coordinate with other members of your household to pack lunches together, or start a rotating schedule. Consider what other single-use packaging you’re purchasing at the grocery store. Does a competitor offer alternative packaging? Does your lunch have food waste? Startup a workplace compost program, or bring those apple cores home for your own bin.

Prep This Weekend for a More Sustainable Week

Do you have a lunch bag, containers, and utensils available at home? Lots of people prep dinner meals in advance, why not lunch? Like to bring leftovers? Put leftovers directly into lunch-sized portions so they’re ready to go into your lunch bag in the morning. Keep a set of utensils in your bag or at your desk. Are you using a plastic bag, foil, or plastic wrap, when a reusable container will do?