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Week 37: #Waves4Change 2020 Sustainability Challenge: Plogging

Photo – Washington Post

Why Take this Challenge?

Litter is a troubling problem. We can find it virtually anywhere – our cities, our suburbs, even our national parks. It is sickening to think that our only way to escape it’s seeming omnipresence is by penetrating to the deepest parts of the world’s uninhabited places. Even then, we may not find reprieve. Is litter a natural consequence of our existence? One would hope not, but evidence to the contrary is thin. More optimistically, we can very easily curb the spread of litter ourselves by simply picking up trash we see that has been carelessly discarded. Imagine if everyone picked up a few pieces of litter each time she left her home? The world would be a considerably cleaner place. Plogging is a uniquely simple way to improve yourself and your community: picking up litter while you jog. Not a jogger? No problem – take a walk and pick up what trash you see as you go. Our planet’s pollution problem may seem overwhelming and unsolvable. If you want to improve the world, sometimes you have to start with your own small corner of it. Many people striving to do what they can to curb the tide of the pollution problem can lead to meaningful change.

How Does this Challenge Benefit Me?

No one wants to live in filth (Oscar the Grouch excluded). Doing what you can to keep your home and neighborhood clean naturally benefits you and your neighbors. Combining exercise with environmental consciousness is a slam-dunk for self and community improvement.

What if I Already Do This?

Thank you for being a wonderful person and keep doing it. Share this habit with friends and family and encourage them to get involved too. The digital age in which we live lends itself to connecting with people near and far. Toot your own horn and let family and friends know how fit you are and how much you love the planet.

Prep this Weekend for a More Sustainable Week

  • Organize a plogging event with family and friends or share your story on social media
  • Challenge friends and family to see who can collect the most trash during a run or walk
  • Ensure you have the supplies needed to keep participants safe from COVID-19 (gloves, hand sanitizer) and follow local guidelines for limits on social gatherings