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World Toilet Day – Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change

Fact: 4.2 Billion people lack safe sanitation

November 19th is World Toilet Day. A day started by the United Nations to raise awareness about global sanitation and hygiene issues. This year, we are exploring sustainable sanitation and climate change. How do they interact? How can toilets help fight climate change?

To improve this crisis, Drink Local Drink Tap builds water, hygiene and sanitation facilities in Uganda. Our sanitation facilities are sustainable, safe, gender friendly, adapted for special physical needs, small children and teachers. Every single latrine we build is built with the intention to reflect specific community needs and protect the environment.

“So far, we have helped 15,000 people access safe, sustainable sanitation. The change is almost immediate, especially when you start to see happy little girls at school or in the village no longer fearing their safety when they ‘go’ to the toilet. I can’t imagine my little girl going in some of the places I’ve seen.” – Kizito Johnson, DLDT Director of Works

 Toilet at an internally displaced persons camp in Central Uganda. (2015 DLDT)

Sustainable sanitation means that waste is safely captured in a dignified setting. While DLDT focuses on this step, we look forward to celebrating utilities, innovators, cities and countries who are addressing the safe reuse of this human waste that can safely be turned into energy! Doing this captures greenhouse gases, saves water and can support agriculture!

Drink Local Drink Tap will be building latrines (like the one pictured below) for 500 as soon as we raise the funds!

To support safe latrines in Uganda, please make a donation to Mbaale Primary School and community’s URGENT latrine project here.