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Week 39: #Waves4Change 2020 Sustainability Challenge: No Single Use Wrapping

Picture (Source – The Associated Press)

Why Take this Challenge?

Many consider the holidays the most wonderful time of the year. Our tradition of gift wrapping also helps to make the holidays the most wasteful time of the year. Wrapping paper alone counts for a significant volume of waste during the holiday season. After that paper has been torn from the gift, it heads straight to the landfill, adding pressure to an already strained waste disposal system. Consider skipping wrapping paper for gifts this year and going a more environmentally friendly route. Using re-usable gift bags, recyclable wrap, or wrapping with fabric all help mitigate the environmental quandary traditional wrapping paper poses. You could also avoid the problem of wrapping altogether and give a gift that is an experience.

How Does this Challenge Benefit Me?

Participating in this challenge limits the amount of waste we put in our landfills and incinerators. Opting to reduce, refuse, or reuse gift wrapping helps reduce gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. The best holiday gift for everyone is a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

What if I Already Do This?

Awesome – thank you for being conscientious of your impact on the health of the environment. Encourage other family members to follow your example. If you adopted environmentally friendly wrapping, consider going a step further and eliminate wrapping altogether – give the gift of an experience!

 Prep this Weekend for a More Sustainable Week

  • Research alternatives for traditional wrapping paper
  • Consider giving experiences as gifts
  • Be patient with yourself and others – changing habits does not happen overnight