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Week 40: #Waves4Change 2020 Sustainability Challenge: Bring Your Own Cup/Thermos to Get Coffee

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Why Take this Challenge?

While it may seem inconsequential to quickly grab a disposable cup, the cumulative effect of doing so day in and day out takes a tool on the environment. Production of disposable coffee cups requires the consumption of natural resources, including trees, water, and energy (which is likely heavily reliant on fossil fuels that create C02 emissions). To compound the problem, disposable cups are rarely recyclable. While many are made of paper, most have a thin layer of plastic lining to prevent the contents from saturating the walls of the cup. This plastic layer prevents the cups from being recycled. In 2017, the EPA estimates that over 870,000 tons of disposable, plastic dishes and cups were landfilled in the United States alone.

How Does this Challenge Benefit Me?

Less consumption of natural resources, fewer CO2 emissions, and limiting what we place in landfills creates a healthier planet for you and your descendants. Plus, using your own, reusable coffee cup or mug lets you show off your personality and can save you a few cents on your Starbucks order. Further, if you’ve been a groomsman or bridesmaid in the last three years, odds are you have at least a few Yeti Products in a drawer in your house – start putting them to use!

What if I Already Do This?

That’s fantastic and thank you for doing so! Encourage family and friends to follow the same habit.

Prep this Weekend for a More Sustainable Week

  • Pick up a reusable coffee mug. is an eco-friendly online marketplace – check it out here!
  • Encourage family and friends to change their habits too