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Gratitude for our Associate Board

As you read this, over a dozen volunteers serve on Drink Local Drink Tap’s Associate Board. Founded in May of 2018 and led by board member Michael Ruttinger, they have developed into a truly wonderful team. Since then, jobs have changed, babies have come, homes have been bought and wedding celebrations had, and they’ve stayed strong and energetic to make our work possible. For that, I am forever grateful.

Over this past year, they hosted their own strategic planning retreat, fundraisers, led projects, helped with research, events and led our first year-long blog series to challenge people – yes, including ourselves- to try one small change every week. These small, eco-friendly changes were encouraged by blog writing and social media posting at #Waves4Change.

I encourage you to check out any ONE of their posts from the #Waves4Change series this year in our blog and think about what you can change in the new year. Try it for a week- maybe a new habit just might stick!

Thanks to our Associate Board members for your service to our organization

and with our Board of Directors’ committees.

Learn more about our associate board by emailing