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Start a birthday fundraiser to support clean water

We’ve made it easy for you to donate your birthday to clean water!

Follow these four easy steps …

Water is life and everyone needs it. Many of us have enough ‘stuff’ and giving back also gives us a way to do good in the world. What better way to celebrate your special day than by making sure everyone has access to clean water and sanitation?

Steps to start a birthday fundraiser for clean water and sanitation

STEP 1: Visit our most urgent project and get inspired to help.

STEP 2: Start a personal page (here) and write a note on why you’ve decide to give back on your birthday.

OR Start a Facebook fundraiser for Drink Local Drink Tap!

STEP 3: Set a goal! Did you know that just $30 can bring clean water and sanitation to one person for life?

STEP 4: Share with friends and family! And remember, personal notes and messages go a long way!

Get social!

Use our hashtag #DigCleanWater


Why support Drink Local Drink Tap’s work?

Drink Local Drink Tap is a non-profit based in the USA and Uganda. Donations made are 100% tax deductible.

It’s easy! We’ve made it easy to donate- set up a fundraising page for your birthday to support our most urgent project in rural Uganda. You will know exactly where 100% of your funds are going.

Our Ugandan team monitors projects long-term and communities care for their projects- we have a sustainable and thoughtful approach to our work. One hundred percent of of of projects are working!

We have a long waitlist of communities and schools that have been vetted and have helped to plan their projects. Every drop counts in raising funds!

You’ll get a birthday note from the village or school as our way of saying thanks!

Need support? Contact us at or DM us with questions




Our platform for giving does not take a fee, though there is a small unavoidable processing fee through Stripe.

As soon as all funds are raised for the project, construction will begin. You will receive an email when the project has been fully funded.

DLDT’s all Uganda team works year-round building and monitoring water, hygiene and sanitation projects. We are dedicated to quality and true community ownership of projects.

Again, 100% of your funds raised will support our most urgent project linked above.