Inspiring Action- Celebrate World Water Day March 22nd!

At DLDT, we’ve been celebrating the United Nations World Water Day with youth since 2010. It is a day founded in 1993 by the United Nations and is now celebrated in every country in the world. We are now in the International Decade of Water and Sustainable Development (2018-2028). At DLDT, we are hard at work trying to ensure equitable water and sanitation happen for people in Greater Cleveland and Uganda.

Just because our capacity has limits, doesn’t mean you have to stop at ‘our boarders’. You can take action anywhere and celebrate World Water Day! Here are a few ideas and resources to inspire you to get on your way. This year’s theme is ‘The Value of Water’ …. What does water mean to you?

Student, Educator, Parent?

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Any and Everyone!

  • Start a fundraising page or donate to our most urgent water and sanitation project in Uganda (here)
  • Learn about World Water Day (here)
  • Plan your action and celebrate it on social media #WorldWaterDay
  • Share what water means to you on social media #Water2me
  • Make a personal commitment to ‘value water’ differently. That might mean conserving, protecting or stewarding our water resources. Think about where you live and how you could improve your eco-footprint. Even buying a single t-shirt consumes 700 gallons of water. Small actions can make big waves!

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Happy World Water Day- water is life!