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Donate your pocket change to make a change

Donating your monthly pocket change towards an amazing cause can truly make an impact on one person’s life. Drink Local Drink Tap is partnering with RoundUp which will allow you to donate your change on monthly credit card transactions towards clean water.

How it works:

RoundUp is an app that you authorize to round up your monthly credit card transactions to the nearest whole dollar and donate that change to DLDT’s clean water cause. The app uses Plaid to securely connect to your bank and credit card in order to make these donations possible.

Once set up through this app, you have the ability to do the following with your account:

  • Change your monthly minimum goal
  • Set a monthly maximum donation
  • Pause donations for periods of time
  • Change the credit cards/ bank linked to the account
  • View details on current RoundUp donations given
  • Customize donations by making a one-time gift or applying a multiplier to your RoundUps

Steps to sign up:

Step 1: Go to the RoundUp app or click the following link to create a RoundUp account

Step 2: Set your monthly donation goal

Step 3: Link your RoundUp account to a credit card

Step 4: Link the secure platform Plaid to your bank to authorize the charges with your bank

Why sign up to support Drink Local Drink Tap?

It is quick and easy!! In just 5 minutes, you can make donations to the organization on a regular basis with a one-time set up of your RoundUp account. You can also monitor your donations and change your settings within the app in seconds.

Donations are 100% tax deductible! To see the projects that you are supporting, click here.