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Learn and Share a Climate Change Fact Every Day

Learn and Share a Climate Change Fact Every Day

You know the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well have you ever heard “a facet about climate change that is learned and shared with others helps inspire change”? Ok you caught me, I just made that up. But it is true, there is a lot of power behind knowledge and even more power when that knowledge is shared!

Everyday for one week, look up an interesting fact regarding climate change and share it with others that same day! 

Seems simple enough, but what’s most important about this challenge is that you have to share the fact with others. When you share facts with others, it helps spark conversation, and conversation builds into action and activism and solutions. In 2010, a conversation at an environmental symposium led to the inspiration to do something about the issues revolving around water in the world and create an organization called Drink Local. Drink Tap. Now, I’m not saying that sharing a fact with a friend tomorrow may create a new nonprofit organization, but it gets the ball rolling to make change! Every little bit counts and knowing about the facts of the climate crisis will help get people thinking and making personal changes to help mitigate the problems in this world.

Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” So, lets invest in this world and the environment by learning more about it and sharing that with others!

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