DLDT’s first book “Make Waves 4 Change” is on sale now!

Drink Local Drink Tap Inc. Releases Teen Action Planning Book to Change the World

CLEVELAND, November 5, 2021 — Drink Local Drink Tap, the Ohio City nonprofit, is proud to announce the release of its first book, Make Waves 4 Change: Develop Your Action Plan to Change the World.

This action planning book builds on the Wavemaker Curriculum Drink Local Drink Tap launched earlier this year and encourages young adults (ages 12-18) to change the world one action at a time. The book provides young adults a framework to research social and environmental issues that they care about at both the local and global level. It also provides a roadmap to plan, implement, and scale actions to make progress and create meaningful change for those causes.

Make Waves 4 Change: Develop Your Action Plan to Change the World is co-authored by Erin Huber, Krisitne Noll, and Stephine Smith. It captures their years of experience working in climate and water activism and education to inspire young people to make a difference.

Since 2010, Drink Local Drink Tap has worked both domestically in Northeast Ohio and internationally in Uganda to improve water equity and quality. Over 32,000 people now have access to clean water as a result of Drink Local Drink Tap’s water infrastructure projects in Uganda. With the help of Cleveland-based volunteers, Drink Local Drink Tap has also removed over 12,500 pounds of trash through beach cleanups and engaged over 17,000 young people in doing so.

Make Waves 4 Change: Develop Your Action Plan to Change the World is available for purchase beginning Friday, November 5, 2021.

For more information about Drink Local Drink Tap and the Make Waves 4 Change Book, visit: https://drinklocaldrinktap.org/wavemaker/book/. Contact us at info@DrinkLocalDrinkTap.org or 440-381-6430 for interview inquiries or more information.


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