Drink Local Drink Tap’s 8th Annual 4 Miles 4 Water will take place June 26th-July 5th, 2021! With the new popular 10-day challenge and hybrid in-person and virtual nature of the event, we hope you will find a fun, convenient way to participate!

Register and learn more about how to get involved, start a corporate team and move some miles for clean water!


How Far Will You Go 4 Water?

In order to preserve our fresh water resources and have a positive impact on the global water crisis, we must create more awareness and reconnect people with the fresh water resources in our own backyard.

Make a commitment to clean water for all. Invest in the 2.1 billion people who still lack clean water, the 4.5 billion who don’t have a safe toilet, and the next generation that we have to engage on these issues.

We Need Your Help! Donate towards our most current water projects today!

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