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Using mostly groundwater, we create sustainable water sources that run 365 days per year. When groundwater is unavailable, we use rain. In all cases, we ensure that we plan side-by-side with communities and use manageable, simple, locally available technology to solve for clean water. And, we are different… we use high-quality materials and monitor each project, forever.


Problems we are impacting:
  • Children missing school
  • Equal education for girls and less chance of early motherhood
  • Environmental degradation
  • Lost hours of productivity
  • Death and disease
  • Poverty
A DLDT water source or system can serve 500-5,000 people:

Borehole (Deep Well): Starts at $12,000
Piped Water System (Rainwater or Ground-Water): Starts at $25,000
Rainwater (10,000 liters): Starts at $5,000

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