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Project Location: Kibuye Village, Kamuli District, Uganda

People Served: 850 (350 students plus community members)

The Problem

Arise and Nyanjura Sharon, a young, passionate Ugandan looking to make a difference in her village, established Shine Uganda Nursery and Primary School in 2011. Approximately 350 students have gone to school every day without a drop of water since 2011. None for drinking, washing or, many days, even cooking porridge. Teachers there live on-site, did not have the water they needed and had nothing to drink during the school day. No hand washing or hydration occurred at this school, which is located far from any main road or public water utility. During our 2014 site visit, only 1 student had a small water container with them at school. That was not right.

The Solution

Deep-borehole, hand-washing station, and water committee formation.

“Without hydration and hand washing, how can children learn and be healthy?”

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