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Project Location: Buwama, Mpigi District, Uganda

Project Completed: January 2015

People Served: 500 Students

The Problem

Bulunda Primary School is near Lake Victoria, a Great Lake of Africa. Students do not have access to safe, sustainable water near this great lake and walked about 1 hour to collect water. These 500 students took turns missing class in the afternoons and sometimes mornings to collect water that infected about 60% of the students with bilharzia. Students cannot swim, so they sometimes drown. These youth could not carry the heavy water containers, so they went so far as to poke holes in them to lessen the burden and hopefully rid their responsibility to carry water. The burden of water and sickness was just too much. Joyce called for help.

The Solution

Deep-borehole, hand-washing station, and water committee formation.

Head teacher Joyce cares about her students. She said, “Living near the Great Lakes of Africa with no access- a plea to lessen the burden of hauling water”

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