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Project Location: Masindi, Uganda

In 2013, we fell in love with Family Spirit. Isaac and Susan started this place over 10 years ago after realizing the need to take care of HIV and AIDS affected children and dealing with this disease themselves. Before they knew it, they had 267 kids and no water, hygiene or sanitation that worked in a sustainable way. Sick kids were walking to a local crowded (dirty) spring to collect water on a busy dirt road. They needed a water source. Family Spirit also has a farm and could only grow corn and other small crops or starchy foods with little nutritional value. For sick, malnutritioned children, this was not helping them heal.

So, we got to work, designed a water committee, listened to the community, surveyed and built a deep borehole project and drip irrigation system at the two sites in December 2013 along with and water, hygiene and sanitation training. Thanks to all of our donors who made this project possible for 267 students and a few additional community members!

We continue to monitor this project very closely and will be expanding the water project at the orphanage very soon! To get involved, contact us or see our ‘current projects section’.


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