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Project Location: Namonyonyi, Mbale, Uganda

People Served: 427, over half of which are student boarders and teachers

Project Funding Needed: $23,100 - $10,000 donated by The Pittsburgh Foundation in memory of Rolinda Schneiderman ($5,000 pledged from David Goldberg and $1,800 pledged from Joe Kanfer)

The Problem

Current water system consists of a pumped borehole with contaminated water, non-functioning water holding tanks and pumped system breaks regularly. Students and staff are left with dangerous, unreliable water.

The Solution

Solar energy, gravity–fed tap system via a new, deep borehole, hand-washing stations, two clothes washing pads, a female waste incinerater, removal of unsanitary old water collection and water filters

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.