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Project Location: Nakasongola

Project Completed: December 2017

People Served: 334 (Sanitation)

The Problem

Drainable boys latrine and hand-washing stations for boys and girls (clean water project listed separately)

Irimba Primary School has a latrine that is falling in and extremely dangerous. In addition to that, boys have no proper place to urinate which leaves good sanitation/hygeine impossible. Without water, Irimba has no water for handwashing either.  When DLDT first interviewed Irimba, parents and teachers were almost to tears eager to get clean water and proper sanitation for their kids. As a bandaid and sign of ‘community ownership’, DLDT shared the cost of two large clay water filters so they could – at least- filter water for cooking and drinking as we waited to get all of their projects planned, funded and implemented.

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