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Project Location: Kapindu

People Served: 1,812

Project Funding Needed: Project Total: $27,549 | Balance Needed: $16,500

The Problem

The people of Kapindu (IDP) Settlement have water, but it tests positive for high amount of e coli. Gathering water from open sources, people are forced to drink the runoff that enters the water. In addition, the sources are down a steep hill, so it is hard if not impossible work for elderly, sick or youth to gather water.

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The Solution

A deep borehole (well) with a gravity-fed tap system will allow clean water to be distributed to multiple locations in the settlement.

DLDT saw a committee community and a rainwater system that needed to be installed correctly. In October 2017, while waiting for funding and planning otters projects here, DLDT worked with the community and fixed the 5,000 liter rainwater system ($1,200).




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