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Project Location: Kapindu

People Served: 1,812

Project Funding Needed: $28,756 - 3 latrines, 2 bathing areas, 2 wash areas

The Problem

While in the process of assessing the right way forward for clean water in Kapindu, we realized there are no safe latrines and no safe bathing areas in this entire settlement. People are truly suffering after being displaced from local forests when they were sold to foreign for-profit companies.

The Solution

As DLDT assesses the water quality and options, latrines and safe bathing areas need to be constructed to keep these wonderful people, alive and healthy. As part of a CO-OP, this community is strong and organized and ready to help implement this project as soon as possible. This is a need they have identified and they are ready to partner to make it happen as soon as possible. A last note, both water sources we tested were positive for e coli. We are truly starting at square one with a strong community.

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.