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Project Location: Kampala, Uganda

Project Completed: 2017

People Served: 40 (hygiene/safety)

Project Funding Needed: 1,900

The Problem

An incorrectly built water project left people in the Katanga Slum sleeping in waste water whenever it rained. Though this problem can be common in slums, the drainage not constructed properly has left people ill and frustrated.

The Solution

Newly formed and properly leveled drainage to keep the waste water from enter homes.

beatriceBeatrice lives in the Katanga Slum. In 2016, we saw that a group had tried to build a water project, but it didn’t really work out for the community and now families homes get flooded regularly. This isn’t clean water- this is raw human waste, garbage, wasted water, chemicals and animal waste and carcasses.

We always find Beatrice clearing the drainage with a stick or rake in the hopes she can protect her family. Enough is enough- we have to redevelop this drainage so she and her neighbors don’t have to stress about death and sickness from this any longer!

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