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Project Location: Kazinga Village, Kyakegwa

People Served: 1214 students, 12 teachers

Project Funding Needed: $8,500

The Problem

Students travel down into the valley where all runoff from house latrines and animals drains, animals share water, it’s a muddy pool of water, students get very sick, collect water 2 hours a days 8am-10am, water is used for mixing with cow poop to smear on the walls of classrooms to keep the dust down and cleaning old latrines. Water is not even used for drinking, though many are desperate and do drink it. No water is saved for hand-washing or drinking though they have a small water stand in the office. Children fall in and drown- one already died.

The head teacher is passionate and keeps talking about the time wasted collecting water. The school moddo is ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ but that can’t happen without clean water and good hygiene.

The Solution

70 meter deep borehole with stainless steel pipes and rods

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