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Project Location: Kyegewa

Project Completed: January 2018

People Served: 1,025

Project Funding Needed: $24,200 FUNDED by Options for Families and Youth (in construction)

The Problem

Although the number of Rwandan, Congolese, South Sudanese, Ugandan, and Tanzanian people living in tents in Kyaka 1 Refugee Settlement changes, the sanitation situation remained non-existent. On-site police and people had dug holes as temporary solutions, but feces are found all over due to the non-existent privacy and safety. Every ‘latrine’ that was dug had small pieces of wood to stand on over a dangerous pit and no privacy- and the pits fill quickly and women get taken advantage of. As if life couldn’t be worse than living in a tent with no food but corn and no assets, people risk their life just to defecate. And, the worst part-during rainy season- is they counted on many deaths happening due to cholera and overflowing pits full of feces. There was no place to bathe in private and no safe place to ‘go’. This was a true emergency. There is no UN, no government aid and no USAID funds coming to handle sanitation and hygiene.

The Solution

Drainable VIP latrines (3), wash yards (for hygienic clothes washing-3) and private bathing blocks (3)

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