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Project Location: Nakasongola

Project Completed: December 2017

People Served: 260 (Sanitation)

Project Funding Needed: Latrines: $12,480 FUNDED by Moen (currently in construction) Deep Borehole: $7,500

The Problem

The situation was dire for latrines. Teachers were crying for the students. The girls latrines were unsafe and DLDT had advised them to discontinue use. The boys latrine was basically non-existent- it had no doors, unsafe floors and limited space (two ‘stalls’). It was also shared with girls and was going to fill soon. Although DLDT had a borehole planned for the site, the latrines became a priority. These students could not come to another term without sanitation. Girls would drop out and students would decrease, get sick and could even lose life… then teachers would have lost moral, health and hope.

The Solution

Drainable latrines.


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