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Project Location: Maddu Sub-County, Gomba District

People Served: 313 (178 girls, 125 boys and 10 teachers)

The Problem

Their water source was a polluted dam shared with animals and three villages. Students walked a long distance of about 5km roundtrip to collect water from the dam. The kids are too small and it’s too far, so teachers use one bicycle and take turns bringing it to school sometimes. Other days, older students who can carry more miss class fetching a few jerrycans for basic needs, yet there was no hand washing or drinking water at all. The whole school tries to survive on 4 jerrycans per day. Typhoid and bilarzia are big issues. Parents are concerned.

The Solution

Ideally a borehole, but drilling as unsuccessful. DLDT pulled together support to create 20,000 liters of rainwater harvesting with tap stands.

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